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The Gout Remedy Report: How to End Your Gout Pain and Suffering Without Drugs is filled with helpful tips to relieve your gout attacks in less than 2 hours and is priced at $39.97.

Gout is an excruciating pain. Some say its even more painful than childbirth.  This report will help you learn the do’s and don’ts of gout treatment and prevention.  More and more young people and those young at heart are discovering that they are conflicted with gout.

What is Gout?  

An attack of gout can be difficult to determine if you have never experienced the stabbing pain in your foot or other limbs. Gout is the result of uric acid build up in the body which results in intensely painful flare ups of the limbs.

What does Gout look like?

Gout can choose to attack your other limbs and joints. It can attack hands, knees or your big toes. Also it is sometimes confused with fibromyalgia or arthritis. Personally, I felt the pain in my ankle and most of my whole right foot.

gout infected foot with swelling

Gout infected foot with swelling


My experiences with gout:

My mysteriously painful gout attacks began the first month of my thirtieth birthday.  Prior to my first attack I did Crossfit about 4 times a week and followed somewhat of a Paleo Diet-  high protein diet.  In fact I consumed almost exclusively beef for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Had I known how much my desire to bulk up would affect my health.

My first attack took me by surprise.  After a vacation I came back not being able to walk for two weeks.  I felt extreme pain in my leg which felt like I was being stabbed multiple times from my foot toward my knee.These jabbing jolts of pain would come spontaneously at all times.

There were many times I screamed in pain and I had no knowledge of why I was in so much pain.  I had nothing other than an aspirin to soothe me.  Often I turned to what I thought would be a helpful solution (alcohol)  in fact only infuriated my symptoms even more.

This is why it pays to be knowledgeable about gout as many will have gout and not even realize it.  Neither will the doctors.

Don’t rely on your doctor:

I went over two weeks in pain, without medication and without proper diagnosis from health professionals.  Originally I woke up and fell on the floor as I surprisingly couldn’t get a grip.  That day I had so much pain I had my family take me to the emergency room.  The nurse looked at my foot and erroneously diagnosed me with plantar fasciitis heel inflammation.

She advised she could give my foot an injection which would have cost me through my health coverage $500 or I could just ice it up and take aspirin.  You will see quickly why applying ice and taking aspirin are not very helpful when you have a gout attack.

So after….

  • 1 trip to the ER (could have spent $500 as misdiagnosed)
  • Crutches ($35)
  • 5 visits to my family doctor ( X $30 copay’s)
  • X-Rays on my foot ($50)
  • 2 weeks of not working as I couldn’t walk ($$$)

I was finally prescribed a blood thinner.

Gout is ongoing, its in your blood and its a lifelong battle.

After two weeks of incredible pain I got a prescription for  corticosteriods.  Gout is a lifelong condition that can flare up anytime. For this reason lifestyle and diet is vital to preventing future outbreaks.  I don’t want another painful attack. I can’t afford to take another two weeks off to heal and I already live a relatively active life.

Home remedies for gout to stop the pain:

Avoid misdiagnosis, painful attacks, and costly medical bills by being informed on gout and how it can affect your family.  Lifestyle and diet  are vital to preventing future outbreaks. Why spend the time and money on doctors and hospital visits if you could prevent a future flareup?


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